September 8, 2011

listen.teen wolf mixtape.

teen wolf is a collective of tracks that will touch on all of your emotions and take you on a grandiose voyage through breathtaking synths and beats. artists include ycht, touch, metronomy, holy ghost! etc. teen wolf also includes some rare gems that took me ages to source and re-cut. the last track is my favourite, elaborate and complex - yet painfully simple and beautiful. the galaxies are waiting.


sun ra – the vibration of us (space is the place)

das racist – you oughta know

yacht – I tripped and fell in love

the touch - sermon

hendrik josé – pinpointing the problem

inxs – don’t change

future islands – vireo’s eye

interlude – no problem (pulp fiction)

metronomy – the bay

holy ghost! – wait and see

tortoishell – this girl (canyons re-dub)

appaloosa – the day we fell in love ( ted & francis remix)

the presets – girl and the sea

the irrepressibles – in this shirt (royksopp remix/sound of arrows baseline/rex the dog re-cut)

outro – trippy (rosanna arquette)


  1. Oh no! Here we go again!

  2. This is so fucking cool!

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