July 26, 2011

listen.wild rhino mixtape.

wild rhino is another eclectic mix of the old and new that will take you through a musical experience of unmatched proportions. this mix starts off with electro anthems, touches on some club bangers and journeys through synths and lo-fi with a few dancehall classics, finally winding down with some psychedelic rock and indie.
again this mix ranges a few genres, but remains true to the overall style i’m accustomed to. it includes new tracks from m83, the horrors, future islands, wu lyf and even a song that was recorded directly off a cassette. it’s is a small file and the download shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. unfortunately i can’t host it on soundcloud anymore, because they have implemented new policies on mixtapes. what a drag.
i hope you enjoy this mix and remember, no dancing on the bus.
you’ll never know until you download it here.


miami horror - sometimes

monomen - drum of glass

peter & the magician - twist

mitzi - india

clive tanaka - neu chicago (tape cut)

rimmer london - love dagger

m83 - midnight city

beat connection - silver screen

kamp - distance of the modern hearts(nudge nudge nudge remix)

the horrors - still life

future islands - before the bridge

wu lyf - lyf