November 2, 2010

listen. the magician.

so we all love aeroplane and their synth-pop/electronic-house. although their new album "we can't fly" was a little flawed and even fickle at times it still had some worthy tracks.

that aside, stephen fasano of the disco/balearic duo recently anounced that he would split from aeroplane to start his own act, titled the magician. the concept behind the magician is to portrait not only the music, but also the artwork, videos and fashion. stephen is currently working on his ep and there will only be two or three songs. for now all i could get my creepy fingers on was some epic mixtapes by the magician. hint: mixtape three includes the magician's remix of french band the aikiu. these mixtapes are fucking good so allow yourself the time to get into it and boy do they have that old-school aeroplane feel. download. repeat. enjoy.

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